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New podcast on your fertility.

Dr-Victoria-Maizes fertility radio summit 2014

Fertility News:

If you have had a single miscarriage, ask your doctor whether taking an aspirin a day might prevent another.  While all the study details are not out yet, preliminary data suggests that it may. ​

New study shows perinatal inflammation linked to autism.  Anti-inflammatory diet may be a solution.

BPA substitute, BPS, no safer. 

Nutrition & The Environment:

Dirty Dozen and Clean fifteen:

Check local dairies, eggs, and infant formula

Pesticides in Foods

Lists of BPA-free cans

FIsh that are rich in omega 3 and low in environmental contaminants:​

  • Salmon (Sockeye, Chinook, Coho): 1,200-2,400 mg omega 3 per 4 ounce serving.
  • Anchovies: 2,300-2,400 mg omega 3 per 4 ounce serving.
  • Sardines: 1,100-1,600 mg omega 3 per 4 ounce serving.
  • Trout: 1,000-1,100 mg omega 3 per 4 ounce serving.

Here is a list of do’s and don’t fish choices for moms and for children. Safe fish choices

Mind & Body:

Websites with guided imagery CDs:


A Forgotten Prayer, Answered

Conventional Medicine:

American Society for Reproductive Medicine:

ASRM has a great resource about ovulation inducing medications

The Fertility Advocate contains useful medical diagnoses, explanations, and information.

Choose medications carefully when you are planning to conceive or pregnant.  New York Times: Not all online sites are valid.

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Acupuncture can be of great value to women who are seeking to enhance their fertility.  At this listserv, you can find acupuncturists who have specialized in reproductive health.

Knowing Your Body Better:

Be Fruitful: The Essential Guide to Maximizing Fertility and Giving Birth to a Healthy Child

Download Menstrual Cycle Chart [PDF]

Basal Body Temperature Measurement Chart [PDF]