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If you have had a single miscarriage, ask your doctor whether taking an aspirin a day might prevent another.  While all the study details are not out yet, preliminary data suggests that it may. ​  BPA has also been linked to an increased risk of miscarriage.  If you have miscarried see if you can avoid BPA by switching from plastic to glass or stainless steel, avoiding canned food, and avoiding receipt paper.

New study shows perinatal inflammation linked to autism.  Anti-inflammatory diet may be a solution.

BPA substitute, BPS, no safer. 

Cholesterol Levels may matter when attempting to conceive.

Interesting line of research from Gambia in wet and dry seasons (with different nutrient content of foods) that shows mothers diet at time of conception impacts her child’s DNA

Phthalates (in plastics and personal care products) may impair male fertility even more than it impacts female fertility.

Thinking about using donor eggs?  Here is a heart-warming story about the experience of a potential egg donor.