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Integrative Medicine vs. The Naysayers

Do you use integrative medicine?  Are you baffled when detractors claim there is no evidence for it?

On July 6th I debated Dr Paul Offit on the radio program Science Friday.  During the debate, and in his book Do You Believe in Magic, he repeatedly claims that there is not enough evidence to include a variety of integrative medicine practices but he fails to actually investigate the evidence that exists.  He also asserts that these alternative medicine practices are quite dangerous.

Listen here and judge for yourself.  Then decide if what is really needed are open-minded skeptics.  People willing to look at the full body of evidence and determine the safety and efficacy of a various therapeutic practices.

While we will always need more research, there is abundant evidence to suppo...

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For the Love of Our Children

Are you outraged that infants born in the United States are contaminated by more than 200 environmental chemicals?  Does it enrage you that pediatricians and toxicologists debate whether breast milk, with its legions of immune boosting, obesity-averting and allergy-blocking properties, may no longer be the best food for babies due to the large transfer of environmental chemicals from mother to child? Are you furious and frightened that one out of fifty-four baby boys will be diagnosed with autism?  To date as a nation, we do not appear to be outraged, angry, or frightened.  So what else might have to happen to shatter our complacency as a country and make a commitment to environmental safety for our children?
As a physician, I regularly counsel my patients on environmental precautions...

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